Git post-receive hook fun has been hosted on a cheap VPS for a few years. On this VPS, I've also been running a private instance of Gitea, the lightweight Git hosting solution I prefer.

Lately, I've been moving more and more of my small one-off projects on to this Gitea instance, for proper archival purposes and to be able to keep track of everything a bit better. I greatly prefer having all projects centralized and versioned to having multiple copies of projects in different states scattered around multiple harddrives...

I just finished moving this website to my Gitea instance. Since this website is built with a static site generator tool (Pelican) I figured I'd set everything up such that the entire website is automatically built and deployed after committing and pushing the Git repository to Gitea.

Since you can read this, I guess it worked! :)

Will this mean that I'll be writing more often here? Probably not.

In the meantime, the last somewhat-cool personal project I worked on was Operation RM. I wrote it over the course of a week, and I think that what I managed to achieve in that time was quite neat. Perhaps one day I'll get around to expanding it a bit more.

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