v4.1: Introducing Pelican-wnomsvbtle...

In my previous blog post (I'm not really a blog writing person, but eh, I had to name this section of something) I introduced v4. The gist of that post (in case you're too lazy to go and read it) was that v4 was based on Pelican, a static-site generator, and used Vincent-C's pelican-yasvbtle theme for Pelican. The last paragraph of that post mentioned that I would probably end up making some modifications to the theme, to suit it to my own likings..

..well, here they are! Woo! v4.1 is now powered by pelican-wnomsvbtle, which is my fork of Vincent's (and others, see footer below) theme!

According to the git logs, I spent about two hours making the changes I wanted. Although the changes between pelican-yasvbtle and pelican-wnomsvbtle aren't that big, I still think that the time it took for me to make these changes is quite indicative of the quality of both Pelican and pelican-yasvbtle / the various themes on which pelican-yasvbtle is based on. In fact, at least a few minutes of those two hours were spent trying to figure out why my changes to style.less weren't being applied. Turns out that I was editing the wrong style.less (the one from the Pelican's output folder) all that time... Derp!

I'm probaly going to let things be like this for a while, as I quite like the result. Perhaps work on's content rather than style, for once. I honestly can't really remember the last time I updated the actual content, so perhaps it's time I started working on that instead.

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